Project Status.

This project is now closed. Please see for my new endeavor.








Our project is sponsored in conjunction with Arms Wide Open Childhood Cancer Foundation.  The project will be rolled out in phases. We would also like to thank the very talented, Leah Speckhard for writing "Do Something" which is an original piece of music for this project and was co-written by Kaleb Rollins, produced and mastered by KQuick.


We are in the process of releasing the pilot in a series of short films and you can already see the first set on our Video Journal page. We will continue to roll out more video journals and add to the series which spans four seperate stories told by 12 participants. We are also actively hosting fundraisers and our next one will be in September 2015, High Heeled Happy Hour.  More information to follow.  We are always looking for project sponsors and fundraising opportunities so please reach out to us if you are interested.  Please download our Information Sheet here.

Do Something - Leah Speckhard
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